State of the art automatic condition diagnostic software and balancing software!

revised 05.16.2000.

Dear colleagues,

The questions are grouped in the following topics to make it easier to look them trough:

  1. General aspects of monitoring and diagnostics.
  2. Measurements and analysis of diagnostic signals.
  3. The influence of defects on machine and equipment vibration, the diagnostic symptoms of defects.
  4. Machine balancing in situ.
  5. The technical means of diagnostics and balancing.
  6. The peculiarities of the software. "DREAM for Windows".
  7. The Attendant Problems..

The questions and answers are numerated. The first figure corresponds to the topic, and the following number - to the sequential number of the question in the corresponding topic.

We wish you success in finding the answers on the questions that arise during your work. If you want to ask your own questions but do not want us to mention you in our reply, please write a Letter to the Club. Your questions are welcome.

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