Faulty bearing demonstration box data.

The following data comes from a bearing in a demonstrator made by the Metrix Instrument Company for their model 5336 Acoustic Emission analyzer which is no longer produced. When the demonstrator was first made in 1974, the bearing had a cracked outer race. Since that time, the bearing has not been lubricated and has been used for many hours of test and demonstrations with the result there is a significant amount of additional wear and damage to the bearing elements. Also, both bearings on the shaft of the bearing being tested are fixed axially so that there is usually a large symptom of Revolution around outer race along with the expected Cavities on outer race. To see the definitions of bearing defect types, see Bearing Diagnostics Glossary.

The bearing dimensions are:

The basic bearing frequencies calculated within DREAM are:

DREAM calculates an optimum bandpass filter frequency for this bearing and shaft frequency of 8000 Hertz with an envelope spectrum frequency range of 833 Hertz for an 800 line envelope spectrum. A Wilcoxon 793 accelerometer with a sensitivity of 100 millivolts per G was used to record the data.

The following supplemental display screen was created by entering:

DPDEMO /X:833 /B:8000 /D /S:.1 a.dat <Enter>

Note that a.dat is the output file name that the "real" data collection drive would write to but the file is not written in the demo.

The data normally sent to DREAM is below and was created using the following command:

DPDEMO /X:833 /B:8000 /L:16 /S:.1 a.dat <Enter>