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1. General aspects of monitoring and diagnostics.

Question 1.1.

For a long time we work with your first generation system. From the presentations and publications of some specialists it follows that your companies have manufactured recently the third generation of rotating machinery monitoring and diagnostic systems by vibration. How it differs from the systems of the first and second generation? The question was asked by the representatives of the industrial enterprises of the Ministry of the Fuel and Power Industry.

The question is answered by Alexej Barkov:

We manufacture the automatic machine diagnostic systems by vibration beginning from 1990. The first generation comprises the automatic diagnostic systems for rolling element bearings. They were intended to be used with the vibration measurement instruments manufactured by "Bruel and Kjaer" (Denmark) and "Priz", manufactured in Russia.

The second generation was developed by "VAST, Inc." in 1993-1996 and could make the automatic diagnostics not only of the rolling element bearings but also of the other rotating machine units both by the high frequency and low frequency vibration. For the systems of this generation such instruments as 2526 by "Bruel and Kjaer" and PL-36 by "Diagnostic Instruments, Inc." (UK) were modified. There were also developed special circuit boards for DSP on PCs that were working in on-line diagnostic systems.

In the third generation of the systems, that are developed beginning from 1997 jointly by Inteltech Enterprises, Inc., now VibroTek, Inc., and VAST, Inc., now VibroTek, Ltd., in cooperation with such companies as DPL-Group and Diagnostic Instruments, Inc. for development and modernization of hardware, are united all the perspective technologies in machine monitoring and diagnostics by vibration and noise. This generation of the systems is developed on the basis of a unified software and hardware for portable and on-line systems that enable the user to update and modify the system he has.

The first instruments - data collectors (analyzers) DC-11 were manufactured in 1997. Its new version will be manufactured in Canada beginning from 1999. The work is also made to modify the last versions of the "Diagnostic Instruments, Inc." instruments to enable them to work with the software of the third generation.

The first version of DREAM® for Windows software for monitoring and diagnostics was manufactured in the middle of 1998. Nowadays the second version of this software is under development with the aim to enable the users, having compatible hardware to measure and analyze vibration, to use the software DREAM for Windows via Internet.

Naturally, some new technical know-how, that were worked out during the development of the systems of the third generation, with the acceptance of the designers were used in the diagnostic systems of the second generation.



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