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1. General aspects of monitoring and diagnostics.

Question 1.3.

Why in your monitoring and diagnostic systems as a rule only the vibration signals are used? The question asked by the representatives of auto repair shops of the Defense Ministry of Russian Federation.

The question is answered by Alexej Barkov:

There are several reasons for this.

First of all, we do not offer the protective monitoring systems (the shut down systems in accidental situation). These systems must meet strict requirements for parallel control of the main equipment parameters that is needed for quick shut down of the equipment in the beginning stage of the accidental situation. We produce the machine condition prediction monitoring systems that enable to maintain the equipment long before the appearance of an accidental situation being well prepared to this maintenance. In the most cases it is quite enough just to analyze the equipment vibration but using comparatively complicated methods and algorithms of analysis. The protection monitoring systems in the cases when they are necessary must be supplied by the manufacturers of the equipment itself uniting these systems with the automatic control systems.

Secondly, the vibration, and sometimes the noise, are excited by the oscillation forces that are simultaneously the main sources of wear and defects in the diagnosed objects. These are the forces of dynamic, mechanic, hydro and aerodynamic nature and besides this the forces created by alternated electromagnetic fields. So any other signals, except vibration and noise, express only secondary information and are used in the monitoring systems unwillingly if their developers by some reasons cannot measure or obtain the necessary diagnostic information from the vibration or noise signal. Just because of the complexity of noise measurements in the fluid or gas flows in such systems the signals of the case vibration where these flows exist are used, but if there is a possibility to measure the pressure of fluid or gas in the flow the corresponding transducers are used. The monitoring and diagnostics of the equipment where there are only static loads and electromagnetic fields are conducted by absolutely different systems which we nowadays do not produce.

Thirdly, the signals of other nature we do not use also from economical point of view. We do not want to increase the cost of the monitoring system nor by the expenses for mounting the transducers on the diagnosed equipment, nor the time necessary to make the measurements and diagnostics (condition prediction) of the equipment.

But for the users who want to conduct in parallel their own (custom) measurements and equipment monitoring by the results of these measurements such a possibility is provided both by our hardware and software.



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