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2. Measurements and analysis of diagnostic signals.

Question 2.1.

 In most practical problems the specialists in vibration and noise sources detection, vibroacoustical protection and decreasing the equipment vibration and noise pay attention mainly to the linear models of vibration and noise signals . As for you, your primary consideration is the nonlinear signal models. Why? The question was asked by Naval College specialists (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

The question is answered by Alexej Barkov:

That is true, for the most practical problems, concerning excitation and propagation of noise and vibration, the linear models of signals are quite sufficient. But in vibroacoustical diagnostics the main problems concern the analysis of the oscillati on forces creation process, and not the process of conversion of these forces into the oscillations, the propagation of these oscillations and their measurements. And the processes of these oscillation forces creation, especially when the defects appear in the location of these sources are as a rule significantly nonlinear. That is why the nonlinear models of the signals are so efficient in diagnostics. By the same reason it is much more complicated for the specialists in vibroacoustics to orient the mselves in vibration diagnostics than for the specialists in machine design and maintenance.



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