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4. Machine balancing in situ.

Question 4.4.

Dear Sir,
I have just accessed your web-site and read about the DC 11 Data collector. Can you please inform what is the minimum and maximum weight for rotors to be balanced and the accuracy of your analyzer as well as the sales price.
(The question was addressed to the Club by a specialist in balancing.)

The question is answered by Alexander Shablinsky:

We do the balancing in field in operating condition (without the balancing machines). The minimal rotor weight is limited only by the weight of the vibration sensor - it must not disturb the mechanical features of the balancing object. We successfully balanced the objects that weighted (together with the stator) of about 1 kg with a sensor that weighted 30 gram. If you decrease the weight of the sensor you can significantly decrease the weight of the balanced object.

The maximum rotor weight is not limited.

The specified data collector range is from 3 MkV ( 3 micro-volts) up to 3 V. It enables balancing the machine up to the noise signal level.

If you are interested in the price of the DC 11 Data Collector, please, address your questions to Duncan Carter who is responsible for the Western market - he is the president of VibroTek, Inc. His e-mail address is



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