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4. Machine balancing in situ.

Question 4.5.

Dear Sir,
I am a Professor of machine dynamics at the Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering.
We have a VAST DC11 data collector and balancing software. I had a problem in the dynamic balancing (2 - planes) . May be I can do balancing by the influence coefficient. I cannot do balancing by other method of trial mass for 2 - plane. How can I do this balancing by this system . Please send me a step by step procedure for this process. Thank you in advance.

The question is answered by Alexander Shablinsky:

Dear Sir,
If we have understood you correctly you do not know how to make balancing for two or three planes by VAST DC-11 data collector.

  1. If you do not have the User's Guide for the balancing program, please inform us and we shall send it to you.

  2. Each screen has a detailed HELP (key "?" on the DC-11 keypad).

  3. If you are disturbed that there is no need to define during configuration the number of planes, don't be confused. In fact before you get the data about a certain machine you cannot know this number. Our experience shows that to reduce the vibration to the required level it is often enough to fix the balancing weight in one plane. If it is not so, after conducting the measurements of initial vibration, fixing the first trial weight, measuring the vibration with this weight, calculating the balancing weight for a first plane choose for your next step the command "Next Trial Weight". The program will ask the parameters of the trial weight to be placed at the second plane. If you have the third plane, repeat the procedure. After taking the vibration measurements the balancing weights for the two or three planes will be calculated. After fixing them and conducting the "Test Measurement" the correcting weights will be calculated. The process can be repeated up to four times. The completion of balancing can be made by the command "Finish". The selection of possible commands appear on the screen sequentially after obtaining the information that enables to make this selection.

  4. The balancing by the influence coefficients cannot be made without at least one balancing with trial weights.

    In the first and third cases the standards of unfalty and faulty units are automatically constructed by a group of machines of similar type, and in the third case the possibility of machine dangerous condition appearance is additionally taken into account when the main methods of detailed diagnostics may already not work and give incorrect results.

    In the second case the standard of unfalty machine (unit) is automatically constructed on the results of preceding intermittent vibration measurements and the symptoms and defect levels are defined a priori by the results of special diagnostic investigations with the possibility of these levels following corrections. In this case it is possible to achieve the most reliable results.

    Its own peculiarities has the transport machine and unit diagnostics. For this type of diagnostics are produced even special diagnostic systems which are often called the stand systems. They have two peculiarities. The first one is the result of limitations on the transport mode of operation during the procedure of diagnostics. It is made not during the transport movement it means not when the transport has the specified optimal revolution rate and loads applied to the diagnosed units. The second peculiarity is in often absence of the data concerning the vibration and noise that could be obtained during periodical measurements. Consequently the diagnostics is usually made according to the rules concerning the flaw detection of the equipment that came for repair, viz. according to the rules for the third group of diagnosed equipment.



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