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5. The Technical Means of Diagnostics and Balancing.

Question 5.1.

We have heard that there are many types of instruments and systems for industrial equipment monitoring and diagnostics by vibration and noise. Who produces and sells such systems in Russia?
(The question was asked on the International Exhibition «ENERGETIKA & ELECTROTECHNIKA 98»)

The question is answered by A.V. Barkov. 2 Feb. 1999:

Nowadays in Russia there are many companies that produce the instruments and systems for measurements and analysis of equipment and for its condition monitoring and diagnostics. Besides this in Moscow and some other cities the main manufacturers of such products have their offices. In this answer we shall discuss only the Russian instruments and systems manufacturers as their products are much cheaper than the western made with the similar features.

The most companies that manufacture the state-of-the-art technical means are located in Moscow. As a rule they are small non-governmental enterprises that only recently began to manufacture such instruments and systems.

Some companies, such as «ViKont» (Moscow), were established to continue the development of instruments that were interrupted in large governmental companies, such as instrument engineering association «Spectr» in Moscow, because of the lack of finances. While developing the earlier existed projects these companies began to use new electronic components and produce state-of-the-art hardware comparatively cheap.

Other companies, such as «L-card» (Moscow), have specialized in producing circuit boards for PCs that enable to convert the analog signals from different sensors into digital form and make the digital signal processing of these signals.

The mentioned companies have high qualified instrument designers with deep knowledge of microelectronics who use them in new instruments. But as a rule these companies do not have enough resources to conduct deep investigations in machine and equipment diagnostics. It limits the possibilities of their software which mostly duplicate the western made designs in vibro-acoustical monitoring that is intended to be used by experts in this field of application.

One more group of companies that are dealing with hardware for monitoring and diagnostics is oriented on updating the standard on-line control systems for main parameters in different industrial conditions. The updating of these systems consists firstly in intensive usage of personal computers and in transferring the measurement part to the work with the vibration transducers. Such companies are located first of all in the cities where there are large instrument engineering enterprises. As an example is the company «Dymanica» (Omsk).

The main peculiarity of such companies’ production is its reliability but large dimensions, limited signal analysis possibilities and high price.

Two companies stand apart among the Russian state-of-the-art vibroacoustical machine monitoring and diagnostic means manufacturers. The first one is the affiliated company of Gasprom «Orgtechdiagnostika» (Moscow). Its main peculiarity is in large financial resources that enable them to have during the process of design practically all the analogs of the world leading companies and take into account all their advantages. Correspondingly, the designs of «Orgtechdiagnostika» differs from others by its basic researches and quality of manufacturing but simultaneously their products are very expensive. At the same time the capabilities of their instruments and systems are very much influenced by the fact that the analogs that they used for their design were not of the last generation, but of the beginning of the nineties. So the instruments and systems that they produce not always have the up-to-date specifications and not always are flexible enough to be adjusted according to the new achievements in signal processing. The mentioned limitations apparently became the reasons of that the products of «Orgtechdiagnostika» is used mainly by the enterprises of «Gasprom».

The second is our company «VAST, Inc.» (Saint Petersburg). Its peculiarity is in that for many years its specialists were designing new rotating machines detailed diagnostics methods without producing the hardware but using the instruments of other manufacturers, in particular, the western companies. And only when the specification data of such instruments have not met the requirements obligatory for realization of new diagnostic methods, necessary to implement the machine maintenance and repair according their real condition, the company invited the specialists, including the western ones, to create a new generation of digital instruments that process complicated real time signal analysis. These instruments began to be produced in the end of 1997 and to day they have one of the best specification features. Besides this one more peculiarity of our system is its intellectual software for rotating machine automatic diagnostics, that substitutes the experts in typical monitoring and detailed diagnostics situations.

Naturally in a short answer to this question it is impossible to mention all the Russian manufacturers of the instruments and systems and its components. It is especially true concerning the manufacturers of the simplest measuring instruments and transducers that are used for vibration machine alarm control and protection. Even more difficult it is to mention all the suppliers of monitoring and diagnostic systems that can for example construct them of the products of the mentioned manufacturers in very different combinations or simply be the dealers of these manufacturers. That is why when you choose the monitoring or diagnostic means or systems best of all is to look about two main indications of their class. The first one is the specification features of the instrument and the signal analyzing speed. The best instruments are those that conduct complicated analysis in real time. The signature of such instruments is the presence of special signal processor in it. The lowest price of such instruments in Russia is about 3.5-4.0 thousand USD. The second indication is the availability in the software the monitoring and diagnostic programs that are united with the monitoring program by one user interface and enabling to detect the most probable defect type at least after it will be detected by the monitoring system.



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