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5. The Technical Means of Diagnostics and Balancing.

Question 5.7.

 have found that VAST produces the instruments and designs its own software to work with them. I would like to know:
What are the specification data and who manufactures the ADC circuit boards to solve the vibrodiagnostic problems. For what platform do you design your software and what specification for your hardware driver do you use?
(The question was asked by a specialist from the Murmansk State Technical University.)

The question is answered by Oleg Arkhangelsky:

  1. As for the instruments that we produce they are of our original design. We do not use any specialized circuit boards from the third party manufacturer.

  2. Besides our own instruments we produce also diagnostic complexes on the base of IBM compatible PCs (in general, industrial or portable mode). In this case we use L-Card ADC circuit boards (see with the circuit boards of our own design containing multiplexer and preapmlifier.

  3. All the software except firmware are designed for the INTELx86 platform. We exert to support programs that work in DOS (an economical version for not powerful computers), but most software and the latest designs run in Win32 (Windows 95/NT). We use different drivers both of the manufacturer or our own depending on the operation system.

  4. To find the information concerning both the drivers and the specification data of the circuit boards you can visit > L-Card web site



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