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6. The peculiarities of the software "DREAM for Windows".

Question 6.1.

The software "DREAM for Windows" in intended to be used, as you write in the documentation, to solve the problems of monitoring and diagnostics that are connected with each others only partly. Would you be so kind to describe the "D REAM for Windows" software in more detail and to clarify how you separate the problems of monitoring and proactive diagnostics?
(The question was asked by the specialists of "Remont" enterprise from Moscow)

The question is answered by Iosif A. Yudin. 17 March 1999:

The following diagram briefly presents the elements of the "DREAM for Windows" application software:

In this diagram you can see the following functions:

  • Configuration of Machines and Units - means the entrance of the diagnosed units' constructive parameters.

  • Vibration Measurements with external instruments, for example the Data Collector DC-11, or via the measurement channels of the on-line system with the following entrance of the results into the program database.

  • Measurement Data Processing including the monitoring and automatic diagnostics.

  • Current Information Display about the condition of the units (in the form of a tree of conditions).

  • The Intermediate and Final Results Analysis includes the reports.

The functions that are designated by the dash lines are executed only by the on-line monitoring and diagnostics systems, so they are designed as separate programs that are an addition to the "DREAM for Windows" software.

The problems of monitoring and diagnostics are solved in parallel and independently of each other. To make a detailed diagnostics it is important to select the measurement frequency bands, that include the main diagnostic symptoms, in optimal way. So t he program itself implies strict requirements on the diagnostic measurements. The monitoring algorithms give the user more freedom enabling him to select by himself the type of measurements, measurement points, the method of analysis and many other thin gs. To unite the strict requirements applied to the diagnostic measurements and give the operator the freedom to make the monitoring measurements both these measurements are considered to be independent from each others even when they use the same measu rement results. The monitoring and diagnostics expertise have also two independent parts. The final decision is chosen by the program by the results of the diagnostics, if only the operator does not select another decision.



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