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6. The peculiarities of the software "DREAM for Windows".

Question 6.2.

The application software "Dream for Windows" includes many diagnostic programs for separate machine units or group of such units. You call these programs diagnostic modules. Name, please the main modules and give the recommendation in what cases they could be used.
(The question was asked by the specialists of "Sevtransgas")

The question is answered by Alexej V. Barkov:

Nowadays we have already designed over 15 diagnostic modules including special modules for certain types of complex machines such as for example two shaft aircraft engines with the between shaft rolling element bearing. But the number of typical modules that in the most cases do not require customizing is limited and today we have 12 of them. They are named according to the name of a unit or group of units that they diagnose. The following modules should be mentioned:

  • rolling element bearings

  • rolling element bearings on the shaft line

  • rolling element bearings in the gearing

  • rolling element bearings in the belt transmissions

  • fluid film bearings on the shaft line

  • fluid film bearings in the gearing

  • fluid film bearings in the belt (chain) transmissions

  • pump and hydroturbines impellers

  • turbine, compressor, blower and fan wheels

  • induction motors

  • synchronous electric motors

  • direct current electric machines.


There are also general recommendations how to use certain diagnostic modules. For example if it is necessary to diagnose a rolling element bearing then the module is selected depending on what shaft it supports. If the same shaft has a gearing wheel then it is recommended to use the module for diagnostics of the rolling element bearings in the gearing. This not only improves the certainty of rolling element bearing diagnostics but ensures also the gearing wheels diagnostics. If there is a necessity to diagnose the bearing together with a rotor and coupling but without gearing or belt transmission on the diagnosed shaft, then it is recommended to use the rolling element bearings on the shaft line module. The similar recommendation can be given for the fluid bearing diagnostic module selection. The only distinction for the rolling element bearings is that they provide the diagnostics of a separate bearing to detect the mounting defects and hidden manufacturing defects in new machines. This module uses only the most accurate diagnostic methods that do not work when the bearing is already in the state of degradation. Meantime all the other methods use both the accurate and course (energetic) methods of bearing and other units, mounted together with the bearing on the same shaft, diagnostics.

The module of pump impellers, compressor wheels diagnostics is recommended to be used when the case of the machine in the nearest distance from the face of the impeller or wheel is accessible for vibration measurements. When the case is covered with the thermal projection it is necessary to use special methods of vibration measurements or to use individual diagnostic modules for diagnosis of the impellers together with the bearings. For example, nowadays we adjust a diagnostic module to diagnose a rotor with a group of rolling element bearings that will be used for machines where there is no access to measure the vibration of the rolling element bearings. Such types of motors include the turbines and compressors for the car engines and gas pumping stations and the turbines used in power industry.

The modules for electric motors diagnostics are used to detect the defects and make the condition prediction of the magnetic system and mechanical units of the rotor (armature). To diagnose the machine bearings you have to have the diagnostic modules of the appropriate bearings.

The number of diagnostic modules designed continuously increases in their number including the modules for the units of original construction and for the machines that include not only rotating but also reciprocating units the work of which makes the diagnostics of the rotating units more complicated.



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