State of the art automatic condition diagnostic software and balancing software.

The First Prize is Ours

From November 12 through November 18, 1996, The Transport Ministry of Russia conducted a competition to determine the most efficient means of in-shop condition diagnostics for electric and diesel locomotives. The competition took place in the Moskovka repair depot and the Karasuk repair depot of the West-Siberian Railway Division. 68 experts took participated in the jury headed by the Director of the Locomotive Department of the Transport Ministry of Russia, Mr. Sarafanov.

Forty-eight systems for condition diagnostics of the wheel-motor blocks, diesel generators, electrical equipment, and electric circuits were evaluated. All of these systems are being used in the railway repair shops and had been provided by by the various locomotive repair depots and by designers of the test systems. All of the systems were demonstrated and tested in the presence of the jury.

The first prize was awarded to the diagnostic system based on the DREAM software and portable computer with the AD converter board designed by VAST, Inc. from St. Petersburg and the "Transport" research center of the Transport Ministry of Russia.

This system is used to:

  • detect defective bearings in the wheel pair boxes and electric motors
  • diagnose the condition of the bearings
  • provide an estimation of the safe operation time of the bearing
  • verify the bearing installation quality after repair

Tests were conducted on two wheel-motor blocks with bearings having different defect types. All defective bearings were automatically detected by DREAM.

It was noted that the DREAM bearing diagnostic has been used in a number of railway repair depots in Russia with different vibration measurement systems. For example, in Taiga depot, DREAM was tested on 276 main locomotive electric motors where 28 defective bearings were detected and and each condition diagnosis was confirmed by visual inspection.

The Transport Ministry recommended that the DREAM bearing test system be placed in general use in the nation's locomotive maintenance shops. More application notes on the use of DREAM software in railways are presented elsewhere in the articles/notes page.

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